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Sorority Life FAQS


Specific costs, or dues, vary by chapter. Dues for the first semester after joining a sorority are higher than they will be in the future, since they must accommodate for various costs such as new member and initiation fees. During the first semester, new member dues range from $680 – 750. After the first semester, dues range from $370 – 540 for initiated members.   While many women in our community work to pay the dues themselves, EPC recognizes that this may not be possible and has created a scholarship to help women finance their Panhellenic experience. Partial scholarships are awarded after initiation into the chapter, and are evaluated on a semester basis. Please note that scholarships are awarded by application and are not guaranteed to recipients in subsequent semesters. Individual chapters also offer their own scholarships in conjunction with their respective national organizations. Women should not solely depend on the prospect of the scholarship when deciding to go through recruitment.


Each chapter has their own sorority lodge, which has 24 beds. The lodges are configured into four-person suites, each with a bathroom. After you are initiated, you will have the opportunity to apply to live in the lodge for the semester following your initiation. The lodges do not have their own meal plan or chef. The cost of living in a lodge is the same as any other on-campus double room.


EPC, in conjunction with Emory University, has a zero-tolerance hazing policy. Before receiving a bid from any chapter, each PNM must sign Emory’s hazing policy, which binds them to report and intervene in any and all situations of hazing. Hazing violations are processed through the Office of Student Conduct.

Recruitment FAQS

Recruitment starts before the first day of classes. Can I come back to campus early?

Yes! PNM’s are allowed back into on-campus housing the day before recruitment begins!

If I participate in recruitment, do I have to join a sorority?

No, a lot of women choose to go through the recruitment process to meet people and make friends. Recruitment is a chance for you to visit Emory’s Panhellenic chapters and decide whether you would like to become a sorority woman or not. As long as you do not commit by signing the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA) on preference night, you are not obligated to join a sorority.

What if I have a scheduling conflict?

The following are acceptable conflicts for recruitment:

  • Mandatory Emory-sponsored event (sports game, club competition, etc.)
  • Medical or family emergency

The following are NOT acceptable conflicts for recruitment:

  • Sports or club practice
  • non-severe and non-contagious illness

What happens if I get sick the morning of?

  • Contact your Rho Chi (she will send your excuse to the recruitment team)
  • If you haven’t sent in an excuse, you must always speak with your Rho Chi before deciding not to attend a party, otherwise, you may be released from the recruitment process

What if I only want to join one specific sorority?

This is the most dangerous mindset for a PNM going into the Recruitment process. Being in a sorority is much more than wearing Greek letters and having a title– it’s about being a part of a larger group of women who hold themselves to the values of scholarship, service, and sisterhood. Make a decision that is right for you, and please keep an open mind during the entire process.

I have heard rumors and other reputations about some sororities, what should I do?

While rumors can be persuasive, we urge you to focus on your own experience with each chapter and its members. You must be cognizant of the fact that each chapter is composed of a variety of women with different qualities and characteristics, making rumors and stereotypes nearly impossible to be accurate. Don’t base your decision off of stereotypes or the opinions of others. Make a decision that is right for you, and remember to keep an open mind throughout the entire recruitment process.

If I withdraw from recruitment can I get my money back?

Unfortunately, the registration fee is non-refundable.

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