Pi Chi

Pi Chis are Panhellenic Recruitment Counselors who guide potential new members (PNMS) through the Panhellenic Recruitment process. Pi Chis are junior and senior sorority members who choose to be Greek neutral from August to January. During that period, these women give up their sorority’s letters so that they can guide PNMs toward their right-fit sorority in an unbiased manner. These women are knowledgeable about the Recruitment Process and Greek life, and they serve as a resource for any questions or concerns that PNMs may have.

List of Pi Chis 2018-2019

Abby Cartegena
Alexa Palomo
Alison Gartley
Andrea McGowan
Anna Bintinger
AnnaBeth Daley
Anne Pizzini
Bella Dodd
Calleigh Lucas
Caroline Cohen
Cassie Newland
Clare Ubersax
Constance Lewis
Dani Abitbol
Danielle Staffin
Diane Berlinsky
Eliza Davenport
Emily Silverman
Emma Watson
Flora Allum
Gillian Veralli
Haley Rogers
Haley Schreiber
Hannah Wexler
Hayley Moyer
Isabelle Robbins
Jamie Ross
Jean Meier
Jenn Ko
Jordan Doak
Jordan Pincus
Julia Cohen
Kate Rubin
Katie Kush
Kelly Endres
Kelsey Newman
Kimberly Williams
Kirstiana Perryman
Kristen Kaufman
Kyla Wickens
Lauri Schleicher
Lila Bilsky
Lizzie Ejzak
Maggie Seitter
Manishka Daryanani
Marissa Alvarez
Monica Corley
Nava Amalfard
Olivia Fogel
Reilly Doak
Remya Menon
Riley Gulbronson
Rylee Hafitz
Sabrina Soto Sugar
Sam Sestanovich
Sam Zeurcher
Shani Mueller
Sophie Frostbaum
Sylvie Moscovitz
Victoria Rice

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