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Rho Chi

Rho Chis are Panhellenic Recruitment Counselors who guide potential new members (PNMS) through the Panhellenic Recruitment process. Rho Chis are junior and senior sorority members who choose to be Greek neutral from August to January. During that period, these women give up their sorority’s letters so that they can guide PNMs toward their right-fit sorority in an unbiased manner. These women are knowledgeable about the Recruitment Process and Greek life, and they serve as a resource for any questions or concerns that PNMs may have.

Rho Chi applications are now closed for Recruitment 2023.

List of Rho Chis 2021-2022

Ali Dudas

Anna Ecanow

Ashley Lew

Gaby Danziger

Emma West

Hailey Kim

Hannah Finke

Heather Li

Jasmine Jaffe

Jess Forstrom

Jordan Zgodny

Joyce Li

Julia Varner

Kels Perry

Lilah Shmolev

Nora Theeke

Robyn Goldberg

Sabrina Dallas

Sheena Holt

Tara Balu

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