In order to participate in Primary Recruitment, a woman must:

  • Not be simultaneously enrolled in high school and attending college.
  • Be an undergraduate student regularly matriculated in the institution to be eligible to participate in membership recruitment.
  • Not be, or have ever been, an initiated member of an NPC organization and join another NPC organization. PNMs who received a bid but did not become initiated members are eligible for Primary Recruitment
  • Have signed and understand the PNM Code of Ethics


Primary Recruitment!
Primary Recruitment dates are January 9, 10, 11, and 12 of 2021.
Early Bird Registration: $65 (Friday, October 16th– Friday, November 13th)
Regular Registration: $75 (Saturday, November 14th– Saturday, December 12th)
Late Registration: $90 (Sunday, December 13th– Saturday, December 27th) 

(This nonrefundable cost of registration covers your Values Round T-shirt, food, administrative costs, and other logistics and material related to recruitment). Sign-ups close on December 27 at 11:59pm.

A complete registration includes the following 3 steps: 
1. Registration through Campus Director (Complete) 
2. Payment through GreekBill 
3. Completing FERPA Form for Grade Releases 



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